Art Process Work for Adults

Using Art to Enhance Life's Journey

Art can offer us the unique ability to step outside the swirl of our lives and really look at what we see.  A deep breath in the midst of the bustle can be restorative and enlightening.  By using art as our context, we can observe and reflect in ways that are difficult to do in daily life.

The art process work  is based in Anthroposophy, the same philosophy behind the Waldorf Schools,  biodynamic gardening, the Camphill movement of curative education and the Rudolf Steiner Foundation.

Art process work can be useful in sorting out specific life problems, marking life passages or as an aid in personal growth and understanding.  It can also be helpful in soothing transitions such as in the physical recovery from illness.

This work is not clinical art therapy.   It is, however, quite compatible with other therapy work you may be doing.

There is absolutely no prior art experience necessary to do this work. 

  • individual work
  • group facilitation
  • classes