Studio Art Instruction

drawing, watercolor painting, clay modeling, art history and general art

Whether through private lessons, small group instruction, or a specific class, learning about art is a great way to learn about yourself and to broaden your horizons. 

I find getting to know students to be the best way to facilitate art experiences that key off their interests and artistic goals as well as spark their creativity.  When I work individually, or with people in small groups, I start where they are and look for ways to guide them through artistic experiences that will allow them to develop and challenge their own artistic style and enjoy their creative process.  In private instruction and small group work, students are able to focus on individual goals and grow as artists at their own pace.

In larger groups and classes, I work much the same way but within the context of the theme of the class.  There is something beneficial to group work.  Students are able to learn from each other,  seeing other ways of communicating through art and solving artistic problems when they look at each other's work.  There usually grows within a class a group dynamic that can be supportive and emboldening to the individuals that make up the group.   Students are often very pleasantly surprised at what they are inspired by the group to do in their artistic work.

  • individual art instruction
  • small group work
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